The main activity of Solarity BG is the construction of photovoltaic installations. We have extensive experience in engineering technical solutions for power generation.


Battery energy storage system in power generation and transmission application.


The Solarity APC automated energy management system is something new and unique in the field of photovoltaic power plants.

Official partner of the leading manufacturers of Sharp solar modules and Delta solar inverters


Together we protect the Earth!

The construction of a solar power plant is far from just the delivery and installation of structures and panels. We comprehensively consider the entire process, take into account the peculiarities of the terrain and protect the interests of our clients. We carry out the entire documentary process up to the inclusion of the plant.


We advise you on which photovoltaic plant is suitable for your needs, prepare a justification for why to invest and forecast when and how to build. We prepare all the necessary documents related to the whole procedure.


Proper design of a photovoltaic plant is very important for maximum efficiency in production and energy saving for the power supply of own consumers. Selection and organization of photovoltaic panels, solar inverters and protective equipment.


Solarity offers all services related to the construction of turnkey photovoltaic plant. Short terms of construction by experienced professionals. Fast delivery of the required solar panels and solar inverters. Comply with all requirements for safe operation on rooftops.


Construction of a photovoltaic power plant is a process accompanied by all the permissions and documents under Bulgarian law for certain type of a PV plant. We assist you throughout the whole process of the investment plan. Here you will find all regulations and laws related to the PV plants.


Photovoltaic plant suitable for every needs

Solarity BG constructs high-quality power plants, we work with quality equipment and experienced specialists who know how to meet the high demands of our customers.

We work with established suppliers

We work only with the best quality panels manufactured by Sharp electronics with a long warranty and high efficiency.

All services related to the construction of photovoltaic installations

Solarity offers all services related to the construction of a turnkey photovoltaic plant, including:

Consultation and analysis of the investment intention, respectively the type and size of the system.
Administrative consultations on the procedure and documents accompanying the construction of different types of photovoltaic plants.
Preparation of technical designs and conformity report where necessary.
Delivery of complete equipment (PV modules, inverters, construction, switchboards, cables, earthing and lightning protection systems, etc.)
Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic plant.

Profitable financing in partnership with ProCredit Bank
Solarity BG, in cooperation with Procredit Bank, offers profitable financing of photovoltaic installations. For more information on financing conditions, look for the bank’s offices in the country.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service

The main priority of Solarity BG is the warranty and post-warranty maintenance and monitoring of all types of photovoltaic installations, regardless of whether they are built by us or not. Our principle is that the most effective maintenance action is preventive. The service aims to ensure the maximum and efficient operation of the plant and optimize individual operating costs.
The offered support is individual for each site and consists of the following services:
– Initial thorough inspection and analysis of the condition of the plant and preparation of possible recommendations for improvement.
– Periodic prevention and planned activities in order to ensure long service life of the individual components.
– Continuous monitoring of the plant in order to monitor both the performance and the serviceability of the system as a whole. This is extremely important for the prevention of damage and the timely localization of such damage.
– Sending a professional team in case of an accident to eliminate it as soon as possible.
– Activities for replacement of damaged equipment, as well as elimination of other problems that hinder the efficient operation of the plant.
– Additional services negotiable – maintenance of lawns, cleaning of PV modules.