Hybrid photovoltaic plant

Photovoltaic system for the home

By placing a hybrid photovoltaic plant on your roof, you ensure partial independence from the electricity grid. The system is designed to reduce your home’s electricity costs. We configure the settings to achieve maximum efficiency and absorption. Consumers are fed from the produced energy as a priority. If at some point your consumption is less than the plant’s output, the energy is stored in the batteries. With higher consumption or in the dark part of the day, when the plant is not producing, you use the energy collected in the batteries. If it is not enough for your needs, the mains power is turned on.

The system is hybrid, but not fully autonomous. In the event of a power failure from the network, it is possible to provide selected consumers with a total power less than or equal to that of the inverter.

Type of power supply

How do you know which option is yours?

If the object has a single-phase power supply, we use a single-phase inverter. In this case, we cannot install three-phase (manufacturer’s requirement). If there is a three-phase power supply running next to the object, we can use a three-phase inverter.

The estimated annual production for a plant with an installed capacity of 5 kW is 7 MWh, for a 6 kW plant it is about 8.4 MWh, for a 10 kW power plant – about 14 MWh. It may vary depending on the location of the object, the orientation of the panels, the air temperature and the degree of solar heating.


Photovoltaic plants from Procredit Bank

For this reason, the Pro Credit Bank team provides financing for photovoltaic installations tailored to your needs. You can see full information about the service, as well as the conditions for applying for it’s granting here.

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