PV plant for sale on the free market

The construction of a photovoltaic installation is in itself a serious investment. The sale of the energy produced by it is a secure resource that you can trade on the free market.

Power plants designed to sell the energy produced on the free market definitely have many advantages.

This type of power plant can be built both on the roof and on the ground. There is no limit in the installed capacity, as well as the stages of construction. The requirement for the presence of a building in the property is also dropped, as the only condition is that the status of the property is not “agricultural land”.

The sale of electricity at freely negotiated prices brings with it greater independence for the producer. The purchase contract concluded with the energy distribution company may be of different statutes of limitations, usually not exceeding one year. The purchase price of electricity is fixed within the term of the contract, but may also represent the amount of the hourly price of БНЕБ plus a supplement determined by the company concerned. This is an opportunity for the producer to sell electricity always at current prices, with the buying market, which are tendentiously increasing.

The shorter terms of the contract for the purchase of electricity are in fact an opportunity for annual reassessment of the terms of the contract, as well as the buyer himself.

The construction of the photovoltaic plant itself is preceded by an individual analysis of the profitability of the investment we offer, as well as technical expertise of the site provided for its installation. For maximum convenience, the company Solarity BG will be happy to advise you on the sequence of entry of the necessary documentation accompanying the commissioning of the site.

The photovoltaic plant brings the following advantages to you and your business:

  • Flexibility of the agreed conditions
  • Greater independence for manufacturers
  • Free raw material for energy production - solar energy
  • Simplified construction procedure
  • 100% return on investment
  • Guaranteed, regular income