Photovoltaic power plant 30kW for energy sale

One of the main types of photovoltaic installations, distinguished as typical, are the power plants with installed capacity up to 30kWp, intended for selling all the produced energy.

In addition to ensuring its own energy independence, a far-sighted solution for business is to build a photovoltaic power plant to sell the energy produced.

Every year on the first of July EWRC the preferential prices announces at which the electricity produced by power plants with nominal power up to 30kWp, valid until the next decision of the commission. This type of power plants are extremely suitable for people who would like to invest in long-term investments, with a guaranteed return.

The construction of these photovoltaic power plants is preceded by an individual, detailed analysis of the profitability of the investment we offer, as well as technical expertise of the site provided for its installation. For maximum convenience, the company Solarity BG will be happy to advise you on the sequence of entry of the necessary documentation accompanying the commissioning of the site.

The roof space required for the installation of photovoltaic panels depends on the type of roof, the unit power of the panels used for its construction, as well as the power of the plant itself. For power plants with an installed capacity of 30 kW, with a unit power of 440W panels, the approximate required space is as follows: about 140 m2 for a sloping roof and approximately 270m2. for a flat rush.

You can get familiar with the legal framework, all the needed documentation as well as the correct sequence of the submission of documents HERE

The photovoltaic plant brings the following advantages to you and your business:

  • Fixed price for the sale of electricity, for the entire term of the contract with the energy company
  • One-time investment
  • Free raw material for energy production - solar energy
  • Simplified construction procedure
  • 100% return on investment
  • Guaranteed regular income
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