Technical due diligence

The request of technical due diligence is a display of responsibility towards your own investment.

What is a technical due diligence?
The technical Due diligence is a detail analysis on your future investment. In its essence, it is a complete assessment on the technical quality of the project as well as an evaluation of the risk, in respect to the technical assertion of the deal itself.

Why is it necessary?
A thorough research on the subject of your future investment is essential in order for you to guarantee security for your investment. Providing clarity for your future deal should be your priority as well as a starting point. Besides good business flair, it is very important for you to receive a qualified opinion of experienced professionals, accompanying the intention of investment itself.

What do we offer?
Solarity BG is ready to lead you through the complete process of analyzing the technical and investment projects, related to the purchase of PV plants. The compatibility to the legal requirements, as well as researching of the realization of the whole intention are key elements of the product we offer. Thanks to the years of experience, not only in installing of PV plants but in the complete process of realizing business projects connected to renewable energy sources, we are more than capable of offering you adequate technical resolutions to established discrepancies.

The advantages for you:

  • Minimum efforts and maximum security
  • Security for your investment
  • Analysis of all technical discrepancies
  • Real technical solutions, complied with your needs
  • Presentation of the gathered documentation by us and the realization of the investment, presented in unified systemised form.
  • Professional approach and attitude.