Solivia Series 5.0 kVA

The combination of transformer-based technology and protection degree IP65 allows the inverter to be used in harsh environments. When PV modules are used that need to be grounded, this inverter is the ideal choice. It not only supports negative and positive grounding, but also offers several monitoring methods. The inverter can be used with input voltages up to 600 V and operating temperatures up to 70°C. Gradual derating does not start before 55°C.

The inverter offers an extended MPP tracking function to improve the yield. The comprehensive statistics as well as all messages about the current operating status and the complete life-time operating behavior can be read out on the easy-to-use display.

Max. recommended PV power:
Nominal power:
Voltage range:
Full power MPP range:
Nominal current:
Max. current:

6000 Wp
5500 W
125 … 600 V
150 … 480 V
15.7 A @ 360 V
36.6 A

Nominal apparent power:
Voltage range:
Nominal current:
Nominal frequency:
Frequency range:
Power factor adjustable:
Total harmonic distortion (THD):

5000 VA
184 … 276 V
22 A
50 Hz
45 … 65 Hz
0.8 cap … 0.8 ind
< 5 % @ nominal apparent power

Max. efficiency:
Operating temperature:
Full power without derating:
Storage temperature:
Max. operating altitude:

96.1 %
-25 … +70 °C
-25 … +55 °C
-25 … +80 °C
0 … 95 %
2000 m (above sea level)

Size (H x W x D):
AC connector:
DC connector:
Communication interfaces:
DC disconnector:

512 x 410 x 182 mm
31 kg
Wieland RST25i3S
2 pairs of Multi-Contact MC4
2 x RS485 (RJ45) + 1 USB A 2.0
3 LEDs, 4-line LCD

Protection degree:
Safety class:
Configurable trip parameters:
Insulation monitoring:
Overload behavior:

Anti-islanding protection / Grid regulation:

Current limitation; power limitation
EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3; EN61000-3-2; EN61000-3-3
IEC62109-1 / -2
VDE 0126-1-1/A1; UTE C15-712-1; France/Islands (60 Hz); RD 661/2007; RD 1699/2011; CEI0-21; Synergrid C10/11 (06/2012); EN 50438; G59/1-2; VDE-AR-N 4105; VFR 2013; VFR 2014