APC – system for energy monitoring and management

Automated energy efficiency management Solarity APC is something unique in the field of photovoltaic systems.

APC is not a regular monitoring system – it is something much more.
It is a complete system enabling many new opportunities to a specific power plant.

APC combines two main features in one unit:
  • detailed grid analysis of the building consumption
  • efficiency management of the photovoltaic energy

In some countries, where feeding energy into the grid is already forbidden, the 0 feed-in feature enables a PV plant to be used only for self-consumption, without the need of any grid connections and permissions. This feature reduces the expenses for electricity and allows the consumers to take full advantage of the the cheap PV energy.

The system integrator benefits from:
  • detailed data for monitoring
  • comparison of different plants within one admin account
  • easy remote connectivity
  • sensors inputs
  • flexibility to individual requirements
  • universal for all type of PV plants
  • real-time data
  • ensured precision in feed-in management
  • no additional devices, no new energy meters - all-in-one box
The end user benefits from:
  • compliance with the local grid connection requirement
  • 100% guarantee on the PV plant's yield
  • 100% self-consumption feature
  • management of a hybrid systems
  • feed-in energy management

Solarity APC is very attractive for industrial enterprises, since in our monitoring portal all indicators are presented in real-time through diagrams and tables. That is important for the analysis and timely correction in case of problems and faults in machines or other equipment. The system can be upgraded to any specific needs for management of automation.

The system consists of:

  • Solarity plug & play device
  • Personal profile in the web portal. There is rich database generated on your personal account in the web portal for your system. It contains detailed information about the current situation by various summary reports and statistical forms.
  • Stand alone application
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