APS – solar pumping system for farmers

Solarity has developed its own system of independent power supply of irrigation pumps.

The system doesn’t need batteries and consists of photovoltaic modules and Solarity APS (Autonomous Pumping Sustem) power supply block. APS can power pumps from 0.35kW to 22kW.

APS is an intelligent system that can manage several irrigation circles. Optionally, the system has the ability to remotely monitor the process.

Solarity has experience in the development of other means of automation for photovoltaic installations. An example for this is the Solarity APC (Automation Power Control) system. It is designed to regulate the power of the photovoltaic system according to the energy consumption of the building where it is installed. The APC has no power limitations. It also allows monitoring of the consumption of the building.

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Solar monitoring
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