PV system for self-consumption

Reducing your electricity bills

  • The period of the return of the investment is 6 years and the term of the purchase agreement with the ECA is 20 years.
  • Investments in construction are about 13 000 BGN without VAT.
  • The FiT for plants commissioned before 01.07.2015 is 211.81BGN / MW without VAT.

PV system for self-consumption

Reducing your electricity bills!

If you live in a house you can built a photovoltaic plant on the roof, which will produce electricity needed for your household.
Place of installation: on a tiled roof, sloping to the south or on a flat roof. Usually the load of the PV system on the roof is about 20 kg / m2

Capacity: up to 5kW
You can choose whether to sell the excess (produced but unnecessary) energy to the grid company or to lose excess energy without feeding it into the grid.
The base model of the system does not contain batteries for energy storage.
If you want to feed into the grid the excess and unnecessary energy you need to follow a particular procedure.
The construction of a photovoltaic system is accompanied by all kinds of permissions and documents necessary for category 6 project.

Photovoltaic power plant can be built only on a roof of a building already connected to the grid. The procedures are:

  • Design plan
  • Opinion of Accession EDC
  • Preparation of technical projects
  • Coordination of the projects in ERP
  • Building permit
  • Final accession treaty with EDC
  • Construction of the plant and grid connection
  • Declaration of accession and purchase agreement with the ECA
Use your roof space wisely and build a photovoltaic plant on it for production of electricity.
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