PV for self-consumption

Solarity BG is an installer of photovoltaic systems. We have extensive experience with all types of rooftop installations..

Photovoltaic power plant 30kW for energy sale

One of the main types of photovoltaic installations, distinguished as typical, are the power plants with installed capacity up to 30kWp, intended for selling all the produced energy.

PV plant for sale on the free market

The construction of a photovoltaic installation is in itself a serious investment. The sale of the energy produced by it is a secure resource that you can trade on the free market.

Technical due diligence

The technical Due diligence is a detail analysis on your future investment. In its essence, it is a complete assessment on the technical quality of the project as well as an evaluation of the risk, in respect to the technical assertion of the deal itself.

UPS – backup power supply

Solarity offers a wide range of UPS systems of one of the leaders in this field Delta Electronics.

APC – system for energy monitoring and management

The system for automated energy management Solarity APC is something new and unique in the field of photovoltaics systems.

PV modules
Solar grid inverters
Off-grid inverters
Solarity APC
Solar charge controller