Delta Бойлер

Delta boiler - you get more power for the money invested.

Delta boiler is suitable for all domestic consumers of hot water. It is ideal for houses where the passage of pipes is impossible or difficult. No thermal energy losses. Installation is easier and cheaper. There are no prerequisites for leaks or overheating of the system. It occupies less space, in the “Delta boiler” there are no tubes, pump or expansion tank.
Last but not least it is more efficient in winter – our system continues to heat water when alternative solutions are almost minimum yield.
No need of replacing the boiler – the system connects to your existing boiler.
It is calculated for boilers up to 100l capacity.
It is suitable even for installation on a terrace when facing south.

You get more energy for the money invested.
For a year, Delta boiler will heat 25 000l hot water and produces enough energy to heat 311 times a year boiler of 80l. Average return of investment is 5 years.

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