For households

PV system for self-consumption

If you live in a house you can built a photovoltaic system on the roof, which will produce electricity needed for your household.
It results in permanent reduction of your electricity bills because part of your consumption will be covered by the photovoltaic system. Place of installation: on a tiled roof, sloping to the south or on a flat roof. Usually the load of the PV system on the roof is about 20 kg / m2
Capacity: up to 5kW

Delta boiler - you get more power for the money invested.

Delta boiler is suitable for all domestic consumers of hot water. It is ideal for houses where the passage of pipes is impossible or difficult. No loss of heat. Installation is quick and easy. There are no prerequisites for leaks or overheating. It occupies less space, in the “Delta boiler” there are no tubes, pump or expansion tank.