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Photovoltaic systems are extremely favourable for energy supply to consumers that are using electricity from the grid mainly in the daylight. These are most of the small and medium-sized industrial buildings with high levels of daytime consumption. The integration of such system results in reduction of the energy costs.


The first step is the most important! We can advise you on the type of PV plant that is most suitable for your needs, we can prepare a justification for investment and consult you when and how to realize the project. We prepare all needed documents related to the whole procedure.


Proper design of a photovoltaic plant is very important for maximum efficiency in production and energy saving for the power supply of own consumers. Selection and organization of photovoltaic panels, solar inverters and protective equipment.


Solarity offers all services related to the construction of turnkey photovoltaic plant. Short terms of construction by experienced professionals. Fast delivery of the required solar panels and solar inverters. Comply with all requirements for safe operation on rooftops.


Construction of a photovoltaic power plant is a process accompanied by all the permissions and documents under Bulgarian law for certain type of a PV plant. We assist you throughout the whole process of the investment plan. Here you will find all regulations and laws related to the PV plants.

Official partner of Sharp Electronics for PV modules and Delta Electronics for solar inverters

PV plant for self-consumption

Solarity BG provides flexible solutions for rooftop photovoltaic systems that will reduce your electricity costs. In our website you will find detailed information about systems for self-consumption – for use of cheap electricity.

PV plant 30kW for energy sale

One of the main types of photovoltaic installations, distinguished as typical, are power plants with an installed capacity of up to 30kWp, intended for the sale of energy produced. An investment with a guaranteed return.

UPS uninterruptible power supply

Delta Electronics is a leader in energy-efficient backup power supplies for the industry. All UPS models are made of technology – Online with double conversion and high efficiency. In addition to their technical advantages, the models offer a very good value for money.

System for automated energy management

Solarity has developed a system for automated energy management. The system monitors the energy production from the photovoltaic installation, compares the state of current consumption and insures that no excess energy is fed into the grid.

Why choosing us?

Solarity BG provides flexible solutions

Solarity BG provides flexible solutions for power supply roofing systems, backup power supply, offgrid photovoltaic systems, sine wave inverter systems, inverters for photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic modules, suitable for every needs.

All services related to the construction of photovoltaic installations

Solarity BG offers all services related to the construction of photovoltaic turnkey plants, including:

  • Consultation and analysis of the investment plan, respectively, the type and size of the system.
  • Administrative advice on procedures and documents required for various types of PV installations.
  • Preparation of technical designs and compliance report where necessary.
  • Delivery of all equipment (PV modules, inverters, structures, cables, earthing and lightning protection systems, etc.).
  • Installation of the PV plant.
  • Commissioning.
Profitable financing in partnership with ProCredit Bank

Solarity BG, in cooperation with ProCredit Bank, offers profitable 100% financing of photovoltaic installations for own needs with a capacity of 50kW, as well as photovoltaic systems with batteries suitable for households.
The Bank provides preferential financing terms, and the loan does not require a down payment, down payment or collateral. We, as their official partner, are committed to the quality construction of the installations.

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In early June Solarity successfully passed the certification for quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008. ISO certificate guarantees the high quality and professionalism in the business relations of the company and its joint activities. The positive results of the audit show that Solarity is a modern and innovative company. ...