Solarity presents the first photovoltaic facade installation in Plovdiv. The system has a total capacity of 30 kV, the roof is built with polycrystalline panels and the facade is with high quality thin-film modules. The unique engineering and architectural solution aims to cover the energy needs of the building. The produced green energy is used for own consumption and aims to provide consumers in the building. The photovoltaic system is part of the measures for implementation of a project of the investor Bart Ltd. to increase the energy efficiency class of the building.

The investor company has already implemented with its own funds several projects of photovoltaic power plants installed on the roofs of existing buildings in various Bulgarian cities. This is possible due to the profitability of the projects, as well as the understanding of the limitation of natural resources, their depletion and the long-term rise in electricity prices needed for each building. Solarity, proven to be an expert in the field of photovoltaic and power supply systems, is the contractor of all their projects.

The successful partnership between the investor and Solarity BG is based on the common vision of the increasing benefits of building renewable energy installations for own consumption and the decentralization of the energy system. The production of green electricity, which fully or partially covers the electricity consumption of industrial buildings and households, not only provides consumers with energy independence, but also makes them less vulnerable to changes in energy prices.