Solarity BG as the official representative of the Studer brand for Bulgaria announces a new price list with significant reductions in the prices of sinusoidal inverters. In the Xtender series, discounts reach up to 37% for certain models. Featuring one of the strongest and most durable inverters for stand-alone systems, they are now significantly more affordable.

In addition to their price advantage over competing brands, inverters also retain their technical advantages: they provide unparalleled freedom of use due to their many functions. In the main application, they offer a complete package: the functions of the inverter, charger, Smart Boost system. All inverters are also suitable for three-phase systems, have high output power, can operate in parallel and are characterized by efficient and trouble-free operation.

Studer remain a leader in the production of high-power solar chargers. Vario Track and Vario String are controllers with charge current up to 120A, which facilitates both the design and construction and operation of the system. They also have a discount.

The monitoring system allows all devices to be monitored and managed centrally.
Since December 2015, the company’s distribution policy regarding its presence on the Bulgarian market has also changed.