Legal framework

Photovoltaic power plants can be built only on a roof of a building already connected to the EDC. Here is a summarized list of the necessary procedures:

  • Design plan
  • Opinion of Accession EDC
  • Preparation of technical projects
  • Coordination of projects with the ERP
  • Building permit
  • Final accession treaty with EDC
  • Construction of the plant and grid connection
  • Declaration of access and Purchase agreement with the ECA

These are the main laws that have a direct relation to the construction of such project:
Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act – 11.04.2014
Spacial Planning Act – 20.12.2013
Energy Act – 26.07.2013
SEWRC resolution FiT – 01.07.2015
SEWRC resolution FiT with subsidy – 01.07.2014
Regulation №6 for connecting producers and customers of electricity to the transmission or distribution networks – 24.02.2014
After accesing the grid, energy production must be declared to SEDA. Current information on the documents for the issuance and transfer of green power certificates and the quarterly reporting can be found here: